TidBit 26:

Itís fortunate that such personal things as idolatry and adultery are legal in our country. That doesnít make idolatry or adultery good Ė but freedom is so good. Itís also, of course, completely legal to be an un-believer. Many things which are crimes in more conservative countries are perfectly legal here in our much more liberal country.


There are some who argue that our laws are based on the Ten Commandments. In truth, only two of the ten are any part of our law. Not killing, and not stealing. It's legal to covet, commit adultery, dishonor any god we choose to dishonor, dishonor our parents, legal to have any number of gods before the Judeo-Christian one, take any god's name in vain, disregard the Sabbath. Bearing false witness can be illegal, but never for a religious reason. Our freedom of religion is also freedom from religion.