TidBit 22:


People who constantly insist that every little thing be literally true limit their walk in life quite a lot. Often, they are not happy.

A child, for example - who must go to school and contradict his classmates concerning the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, is much socially handicapped.

Or, in the extreme, a child who is not allowed to pretend. "I'm a fireman," he says, and Daddy says, "No - you are not a fireman - you may be someday if you want to - but now you are just a little boy." That's all true - but this is the worship of truth, and very damaging to the little boy.

There's usually nothing wrong with truth. It is most often the best way - but when we say "always," it is much like worship.


(This was given to atheists - who tend to "worship" truth.)