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Week 10 of 52 Ė Calvary Assembly


So far have traveled about 112,000,000 miles.


Planning to attend the Calvary Assembly Church


Thoughts during the week:


When I arrived at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday in Rancho Santa Fe, I noted I was about out of gas.This little hotrod of mine only gets about 5 miles to the gallon - and carries only eight gallons.So I asked about the nearest gas station.Turns out Rancho Santa Fe has only one gas station, and it's closed on Sundays.(They said it was an old rule in the little town.)I knew I couldn't make it back to Escondido - so I went the other way, and was allowed to break the Sabbath a few miles away (whew.)Not quite sure who to thank for commandment breakers, who allow me to do the same, but sometimes I feel grateful for them.Can think of some "should haves," for myself, but they don't help in the present - only in the future - after planning.



The Visit:


Calvary Assembly


Calvary Assembly was started by people from the Philippines. When they found, after their conversions to Christianity at home, they were unwelcome in the local churches, they just formed their own - following the format of The Assemblies of God Churches.


There were about fifty in attendance - mixed races and nationalities. It was a simple congregation meeting in what probably used to be someone's house.


Opening Song:


"I've got the love of Jesus in my heart.

And I'm so happy - -"


"If the Devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack! "



Now they had my mind wandering. They couldn't really say, "He can go to hell," could they, since he's already there, so they say, "He can sit on a tack."


Surely, if the Son of the Morning has any sense of humor at all, he must laugh when he hears this hymn. I'm laughing along with him, but these people singing this song - were sweet as they could be.


Songs continued for some time - projected by an ordinary overhead projector - the kind everyone has been throwing away for some time. (I have two - may see if they need a couple extra ones.)


Some other words from songs I wrote down:


"Would He devote that sacred head to such a worm as I?"


"At the cross - It was there I received my sight."


"You came from Heaven to the Earth."

"From the Earth to the Cross."

"From the Cross to the grave."

"From the grave raised above."

"From above to lift me up.

"I will praise you forever."


"You took the fall,"

"And thought of me, above all."



Collection - was by cloth bags - made it more private than the usual open pans.


Then "Boys and girls, you are dismissed to "Children's Church."


Solo by the music guy - who plays at electronic keyboard.I was correct to expect applause at the end of his solo. Just an ordinary guy, who sings and plays well. It was the only applause during the meeting.




He talked about what many churches are talking about of late - the "Under God," being removed from the Pledge of Allegiance by the "liberal" court in San Francisco.


I wondered what people might think if the pledge had instead the words, "Under Allah."


Or perhaps the words, "Without God." Most of us would see that neither of these versions could be right to be there, unless put there by individuals or groups who want them there - and not by the whole country. I think Ike was thinking of "God" as non-descript, but in the world, most people use different terms - and find "God" to be mostly "Christian or Jewish."


Since mostly Mormons are reading these reports, some of you might like to know something about when the Supreme Court removed official prayer from the public schools. David O. McKay then wrote a letter to all Stake Presidents and Mission Presidents, stating clearly that we were supportive of this new law. In the Bible belt, after we began teaching a family, a little girl came home from school prayer - saying that her teacher had told her that if she kept listening to the Mormons, she and her family would burn in Hell."I love you, "said the teacher, " and I donít want you to burn in Hell."


The Church knew this did not belong in the public schools. Now, most Mormons are going along with the crowd in thinking this was a bad law. It was and is a good law. Keeping officialdom out of our religions sometimes means we must keep our religions out of officialdom.


He spoke of "The two ungodly senators from California."


"The heart of man is desperately wicked."


"Thank God I have a wife who can point out my faults."Laughter - (The minister's wife is an old Toastmaster's member - and quite a dynamic speaker - while the minister is more quiet in manner.)


"If we get our own life in order, then we'll pray for others, rather than finding their faults."(But - you were able to declare the two senators "ungodly.")


"Confront in private - not embarrassing people in front of their friends."


"Then, if they donít listen, take another person with you, and the two of you confront the sinner."


"If he still does not listen, put him out of the Church, and treat him as heathen."


"Narrow is the way - remember the old 395 through here? One lane each way. I could follow it with my eyes closed. Stay off that six-lane freeway to Hell."


I do remember that highway - some folks did find their way while sleeping. It was dangerous!



Sacrament:First, minister said a prayer - with the congregation repeating the lines (like in a marriage ceremony.It was effective.)


After this prayer, the minister said, "If you meant that prayer, then take the bread and the cup.If you did not mean that prayer, it could make you sick - or even kill you to take it."


Then the bread (crackers) and the wine (grape juice) was handed out - and held by all.


Then an individual was called up to say a prayer for the bread. Then all partook.


Then another individual was called to say a prayer for the cup - and all partook together.




Four ladies came up to have healing. Five people mingled among the four - praying all at once - not loudly - but all different prayers - touching the ladies on their heads - shoulders - arms - lovingly."Thank you," was heard over and over from the ladies - and a few from the congregation. Two of the four ladies returned to the congregation with tears in their eyes. The ceremony lasted for perhaps five minutes.




The minister said, "Only members should vote. How do we become a member? First one must be a born-again Christian - then must stay with us for a year attending dependably. You can't just come in off the street and be a member." (I think I was the only one there from off the street - perhaps he wanted me to know I should not vote. I wasn't going to anyway.)


Then dismissed. People were very friendly and favored saying, "God bless you," for their greeting.



It was a simple group of people - I had to think it was a little funny that one of the two times I felt a little tear forming - was when they sang the words:


"If the Devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack."


It gave me something akin to the feelings I get when listening to the primary sing their cute songs.



Week 10 of 52 Ė Calvary Assembly


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