Week 07 of 52 - Christian Radio

So far have traveled about 85,000,000 miles.


I received my playing card as usual.


The bishop suggested this might be a game of "Spiritual Solitaire." ??


He suggested looking at the first five cards to see if there was anything significant, so I suspect he meant "Spiritual Poker." ??


Anyway - Here are the cards:


01 of 52: 6 of clubs

02 of 52: 3 of hearts

03 of 52: 3 of clubs

04 of 52: 5 of diamonds

05 of 52: can't find it

06 of 52: 5 of hearts


Thoughts during the week:


Leona and I are going to San Francisco for a wedding this weekend. We will listen to some Christian Radio for stimulation 07 of 52.


One of the most commonly chosen subjects has to do with salvation - whether it is by grace or by works. That subject will surely come up over and over. I've often wondered what it is people believe we are saved from.


The Visit:


Christian Radio.


Sure enough - that subject of salvation came up on the radio. Since we can only listen - and not ask questions, I imagined some conversations we might have.


"You say we must all accept Jesus Christ to be saved. Is this to be saved from Hell?"


"Of course - who wants to be burned without any end to it?"


"I suppose we could agree that nobody would want that - nobody would knowingly choose that - right?"


"Right - we can agree on that."


"Could we also agree that the Devil has not the power to decide who must burn forever and who will go to heaven?"


"Yes - we can agree - the Devil cannot make the choice."


"So - do you believe then that it is God who decides who burns forever and who does not?"




"Then this salvation - what we are being saved from is God?"


"No - we are being saved from our sins."


"But even those who sin badly - and who do not know Jesus - still would not choose this outcome - Only God chooses this for his children who are not lucky enough to hear and agree? It is God's decision on this matter from which we are saved. Satan did not make Hell - God did."



Of course, as Mormons, we don't quite believe in this fire-filled Hell (to our credit) - but we do believe in some punishments that never end - (to our discredit.)


Punishment has only one good purpose - to bring about improvement. A punishment that never ends has no purpose. (Except revenge.)


My problem with this is that it is the worship of power. It's interesting to me that there are three words in the scriptures, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. One meaning "all-knowing," the next "being everywhere all at once," and the third meaning "all-powerful." But there is not an omni-word for all-goodness. God is only good - but we have heard many lies about Him. One of these is that He would send some of His kids to burn forever. No no no - there will never be a time when His children cannot change and improve. We ought to worship goodness - not power.


I think many people believe the Mormons are a "works" church - believing they save themselves by doing lots of good works. We put enough public emphasis on works that it appears that way. Anyone who studies Mormon teaching would come to know that we are a "grace" church that believes in works.


We believe that all on the Earth are saved from the punishment that would come from Adam's transgression - as a free gift.


Free or not, however - who is it that we are saved from? We are not saved from the Devil; he has no such power. It must be God we are saved from. Any comments on this?




We noticed that many of the programs include music from the Tabernacle choir. One announced that their music comes from their "Library of Christian Music." We wondered if this is a purchased library - or if folks just use it freely. Used for good purpose, I doubt if we would object. It was fun to see the choir at the Olympics, wasn't it?


Leona and I had a wonderful time on this little trip. An aunt took over for Leona and took care of Leona's mother - we were able to go just the two of us. San Francisco is where we went 34 years ago on our honeymoon - so we took a trip down memory lane. It was really very nice - and like a second honeymoon. (Leona says that's all I'm allowed to tell you.)



Ok - I kind of cheated this week - maybe I'll pick up an extra meeting somewhere along the line.


Love, Brother Chuck


07 of 52 - Trip Around The Sun Christian Radio