Trip Around the Sun


Visits to 52 Religions in a Year

Chuck Borough

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(Critical reports of Visits to 52 Religious Groups in One Year)

(Christians - Jews - Muslims - Buddhists - Atheists - Etc.)

What has become evident is an amazing

competition among religions for the love of God.

Nearly every one has decided that

their followers are the chosen ones.

Each feels in an exceptionally strong way

that all the other religions are at least inferior, or worse,

that the others are corrupt and entirely without authority,

or worst of all, that the others are evil and unworthy of existence.

It is interesting to find the exceptions here. Some

religions are improving over the years, a

kind of "organizational" repentance.


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Week 01 of 52 - Trinity Episcopal Church at 9th and Chestnut

Week 02 of 52 - Presbyterian Church corner of Juniper and Idaho

Week 03 of 52 - Church of Christ corner of San Pasqual and Oak Hill

Week 04 of 52 - Jehovah's Witnesses

Week 05 of 52 - Emanuel Faith Community Church

Week 06 of 52 - The Free Methodists corner Ash and Grand

Week 07 of 52 - Christian Radio Programs (On travel)

Week 08 of 52 - Cathedral of the Valley - Escondido Foursquare Church, Idaho Street

Week 09 of 52 - Village Church - rancho Santa Fe (Presbyterian)

Week 10 of 52 - Calvary Assembly

Week 11 of 52 - St. Paul Lutheran Church, Bear Valley Parkway

Week 12 of 52 - Buddhist Temple  (11th at Maple)

Week 13 of 52 - Hidden Valley Christian Church    On Juniper at Chestnut

Week 14 of 52 - Baha'i Faith in Valley Center (In a private home)

Week 15 of 52 - The Escondido First Ward of the "Mormons."

Week 16 of 52 - Son David’s graduation at BYU – Utah Mormon Ward Visited

Week 17 of 52 - The Swedenborgians in San Diego

Week 18 of 52 - United Methodist Church

Week 19 of 52 - The Broadway Baptist Church of Escondido

Week 20 of 52 - Charger Football Game

Week 21 of 52 - St. Mary’s Church (Catholic)

Week 22 of 52 - Mormons in Escondido

Week 23 of 52 - Community Reformed Church

Week 24 of 52 - Bethel Baptist Church

Week 25 of 52 - Bethel Baptist Church (Repeat)

Week 26 of 52 - Faith Fellowship Church

Week 27 of 52 - Escondido First Church of the Nazarene

Week 28 of 52 - Emanuel Faith Community Church (Repeat)

Week 29 of 52 - Hidden Valley Chapel

Week 30 of 52 - The Church of Christ Scientist (Christian Science)

Sun Trip Side Trip – Meeting of the Interfaith Counsel in Escondido

Week 31 of 52 - Deer Park Monastery (Buddhist)

Week 32 of 52 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Tierrasanta

Week 33 of 52 - Escondido Community Church  (Church of God)

Week 34 of 52 - Islamic Center in Poway

Week 34 of 52 - Continued - More on Islam

Week 35 of 52 - The Community Lutheran Church

Week 36 of 52 - Seventh-Day Adventists

Week 37 of 52 - Jews (Reformed)

Week 38 of 52 - North County Baptist Church

Week 39 of 52 - Jews (Conservative)

Week 40 of 52 – Atheist Coalition

Week 41 of 52 - Calvary Chapel (Fundamentalists)

Week 42 of 52 - Messianic Jews

Week 43 of 52 - Serbian Orthodox Church

Week 44 of 52 - The Church of Saint Timothy (Roman Catholic)

Week 45 of 52 - Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church

Week 46 of 52 - Hindu

Week 47 of 52 - Faith Tabernacle

Week 48 of 52 - Escondido United Reformed Church (Dutch)

Week 49 of 52 - Congregational Church

Week 50 of 52 - Congregational Church - New Program

Week 51 of 52 - Islam Second Visit

Week 52 of 52 - Mormons - as an unknown Visitor

Some missing religions visited after the Sun Trip was over:

Week 53  - The Church of Scientology

Week 54  - Billy Graham - Mission San Diego

Week 55  - Orthodox Jews

        The 613 Commandments

Week 56  - The Passion of the Christ - Movie


During this entire Trip Around the Sun, I have been

 trying to determine which ones among all the

 considerably wonderful people I have met and interviewed

 are best adjusted with regard to their religions.


It is, of course, only my own conclusion, but it is this:


 Those who have learned as adults to treat their religion

 as a tool to be used by them and in their control - get the

 best use of it. Those who still allow a religion or its leaders

 to "run their lives," do not do as well, and these run a large

 variability - from living with a mild feeling of one's

freedom gone - to a feeling of worthlessness (unworthiness) - and

 finally all the way to a willingness to die and to kill in an effort

to "prove" the religion correct - or to prove their dedication to it.


The attitudes go all the way from "God loves all his children

 and will bring every one home," - to "God saves only

 those who bow down to Him and know how unworthy they

 are," all the way to "Die for the cause. Kill the infidels."

 Many teach that the Abraham of the Old Testament was willing

 to kill his own son to prove his love for God. Many believe it would

 be good to be similarly willing to follow any command by those

 in authority or perceived as coming from God. There are also many

 who apply their religions much more reasonably than this

 - to make life smooth and wonderful, and who remain

 in charge of their own lives.


As I have come to see it, the healthy have a real freedom.

 It is not necessarily freedom from religion - more like freedom

 with religion, or without it, as the person directs for him or herself.

 It allows the person to be helpful and inclusive,

 rather than competitive and exclusive.



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